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Funny Classic Tom and Jerry Cartoon | The Bodyguard

Tom And Jerry Cartoon | Tom and Jerry The Bodyguard Video Show Episodes

1 Cartoon Name: Tom And Jerry Cartoon The Bodyguard Episode
2 Directed By: William Hanna, And Joseph Barbera.
3 Story By: William Hanna And Joseph Barbera.
4 Produced By:Fred Quimby.

Backgrounds By:
Robert Gentle
6 Layout By: Harvey Eisenberg
7 Music By: Scott Bradley
8 Animation By:
  1. Kenneth Muse;
  2. Ray Patterson;
  3. Irven Spence;
  4. Pete Burness.

9 Preceded By: Fine Feathered Friend
6 Distributed By: Metro Goldwyn Mayer
9 Color Process: Technicolor
10 Release date: January 16, 1943

Tom And Jerry Cartoon | The Bodyguard Video Show Episodes
Tom And Jerry Cartoon | The Bodyguard Video show Episodes